Illustration for article titled 49ers Medical Staff Abandons Efforts To Reach Injured Player Due To Hazardous Turf Conditions

SANTA CLARA, CA—Claiming the perilous terrain presented an insurmountable obstacle to any rescue attempts, the medical crew for the San Francisco 49ers confirmed Thursday that they were forced to abandon all efforts to reach injured special teams player L.J. McCray due to the incredibly treacherous turf conditions at Levi’s Stadium. “It’s way too dangerous out there, and, unfortunately, we just can’t risk putting our staff in harm’s way in order to get to L.J.,” said athletic trainer Manny Rivera, explaining that his medical team had initially attempted to make their way to McCray’s position, but were forced to turn back halfway upon seeing the hazardous, totally uneven playing surface firsthand. “This is a decision that no one would ever want to make, but the last thing we need is to have more people potentially trapped out there as well. Sadly, L.J. is on his own now, and all we can do is pray that he makes it out alive.” At press time, emergency crews were scrambling after a sinkhole suddenly opened on the 15-yard line and swallowed the entire 49ers secondary.

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