A-Rod To Reporter After Interview: 'How Was That?'

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NEW YORK—Following an interview with YES Network analyst Kimberly Jones, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez immediately began inquring as to the quality of his answers. "Was that good? Do you think people will like that?" asked Rodriguez to a nonchalant Jones, who attempted to explain that people "don't really care about these things." "Maybe we should do it again, and this time I can smile more—or less—whatever you think would be better. And maybe I should unbutton my top button to look more relaxed, you know, like, cool. And I forgot to tell Yankee fans how much I love them. Can we get that in? I'm such an idiot." YES executives insisted he did fine and that they didn't need any more footage, but Rodriguez insisted that the crew accompany him to Yankee Stadium, where he had a production assistant pitch to him until he hit a homerun.

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