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NEW YORK—Promising that he would share the risk with players who were putting their health on the line to restart the NBA season, commissioner Adam Silver announced Friday that he is standing in solidarity with players by inserting himself into the Milwaukee Bucks starting five as a point guard. “I know some players are worried that we are rushing back, but I want them to know I’ll be out there on the front lines with players for about 35 minutes per game,” said Silver, explaining that as a leader, he should be just as willing as any employee to risk infection by running the court, playing smothering defense, and bumping chests with teammates. “I need everyone from the superstars to the rookies to know I have their backs, and right now, that means putting the clamps on Kyle Lowry. I’m not just paying lip service to player safety and sacrifice, I’m gonna walk the walk by crashing the boards and setting hard screens. You have my full support, no matter if I’m dishing no-look passes or firing off corner 3s.” At press time, Vegas oddsmakers named the Bucks title favorites after Eric Bledsoe was removed from the starting lineup.


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