Illustration for article titled Adorable Super Bowl Encourages Fans To Adopt Abandoned, Stray Football Players

MIAMI—In an effort to get the word out that these were huggable guys in need of love and a good home, an adorable little Super Bowl was put on Sunday, encouraging fans to adopt previously abandoned and stray football players. “We just hope that by seeing all of our players out there, romping around and having fun, some kind souls will open their hearts and decide to bring Sherman or Kittle into their family,” said local football shelter volunteer Sheri Adams, who revealed she had adopted two of her own wide receivers after last year’s Super Bowl. “They are all so worthy of love. Obviously, Garoppolo is adorable, but Bosa is tons of fun and has a great personality, and Mahomes has lots of energy and will run all over the place with you. They are all so special, and we hope that by the end of the day every one of them will be on their way to their forever home.” Adams did caution that Tyreek would be better suited for an older household as he’s not good with kids.


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