Illustration for article titled Aging Boxing Veteran Wishes Someone Had Told Him Being Punched Unconscious Could Damage His Brain

BOSTON—Frustrated that he had gone decades in the ring without once being warned of the risks, aging boxing veteran Tony Sheehan told reporters Monday that he wished someone had told him that being repeatedly punched unconscious for years could damage his brain. “I mean, I guess I kind of knew it couldn’t be exactly good for me, but it would have been nice if someone had just sat me down and told me receiving thousands of blows to the head from 200-pound men might give me some issues,” said the 46-year-old former heavyweight, expressing shock and disappointment that none of his former coaches or fellow boxers had talked about how his cognitive function might be negatively impacted by enduring a series of short term, boxing-related comas. “I know there’s always a certain amount of risk involved when competing in a contact sport like this, but this whole brain damage thing really came out of the blue. I would have never made such a shortsighted decision if I knew that 22 years straight of traumatic brain injuries would hurt my brain.” At press time Sheehan had announced his return from retirement.

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