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MONTREAL—Saying they have received multiple phone calls and emails from the NBC Sports host every day for the past four weeks, members of the World Anti-Doping Agency told reporters Tuesday they were extremely unnerved by Bob Costas’ repeated requests to submit his own urine sample ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics. “When we were first contacted by Mr. Costas back in early July, we thought it was a mistake, but then he called us five more times that same day trying to talk us into accepting and testing his urine, and he hasn’t stopped reaching out to us ever since—it’s getting a bit uncomfortable,” said WADA chair Beckie Scott, adding that the agency has also received 19 unsolicited, perfectly sealed and labeled test kits in the mail from Mr. Costas despite never sending him any of the necessary materials to provide a specimen in the first place. “We’ve made it extremely clear to him that broadcasters do not have to undergo this process, but that hasn’t deterred him from continuing to fax us his filled-out paperwork and release forms. Last week, he even showed up at our facility in person carrying about a dozen full collection cups of his own urine. It’s pretty disturbing, to be completely honest.” At press time, Scott reported that another package had just arrived from Costas containing blood samples, a cheek swab, and several ounces of fecal matter, with a note from the anchor reading “Just in case.”

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