Illustration for article titled Area Man Would Hate Cam Newton Even If He Was Different Minority

MURRAY, KY—Adamantly stressing that his disdain for the 26-year-old quarterback is not based on any racial prejudice toward African Americans, local 49-year-old Michael Willet told reporters Friday that he would hate Cam Newton even if the Carolina Panthers star was a different minority. “I just can’t stand the obnoxious way he plays and how he showboats after every touchdown, and I’d feel that way regardless of whether he was black, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern,” said Willet, adding that Newton having the skin color of any other minority group wouldn’t lessen his intense dislike for the quarterback’s sideline antics and flashy, arrogant demeanor. “The fact that he’s black has nothing to do with it. If he was a Mexican guy dancing all over the field after first downs and posing for the camera, I’d hate him just as much.” Willet added that he would always root against Newton no matter which white quarterback is on the other team.


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