Authorities Warn Away Fans At Dodger Stadium To Always Wear Team-Neutral Body Armor

LOS ANGELES—In an effort to prevent violent confrontations between spectators during home games, Los Angeles law enforcement officials released a statement Tuesday warning all away fans at Dodger Stadium to always wear team-neutral body armor. “We strongly advise any visiting fans attending Dodgers games to avoid wearing Kevlar vests and ballistic face masks featuring colors of the away team,” said LAPD chief Charlie Beck, adding that anyone donning aramid helmets with an opposing team’s logo are increasing their chances of a dispute with home fans during or immediately after the game. “The safest option is to simply wear either a plain white or plain black military-grade, hard-plate reinforced bodysuit to ensure that you can safely enjoy the game and then get into your armored vehicle and drive home without any issues.” Beck added that stadium stewards maintain the right to ask any spectators sitting behind home plate to cover up opposing team logos with a Dodgers riot shield.


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