Bears GM Wavering Between Drafting Good Player Or Bad Player

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CHICAGO—Admitting that he was torn over which one would be the best fit for the roster, Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace told reporters Thursday that he was wavering between drafting a good player or a bad player. “It’s a real toss-up because on one hand, you have a guy with tremendous instincts and athleticism, but on the other, you have an inconsistent, injury-prone question mark from a third-rate program. How do you make that choice?” said Pace, adding that it was almost impossible to weigh the advantages of drafting a perennial Pro Bowler to build the team around against the potential upside of a guaranteed bust. “The whole staff has been going back and forth between grabbing a prospect who’s good at football or drafting the one who can’t play for shit. One has world-class speed, the other is slow. One is a natural leader, the other is a known locker-room cancer. These are the tough decisions that keep you up at night as a GM.” At press time, Pace was considering a third option of getting fleeced with a draft-day trade.


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