‘I Don’t Even Know What The Yankees Are,’ Crystal Says

Illustration for article titled Billy Crystal Tearfully Admits He’s Never Seen, Been To A Yankees Game

NEW YORK—Admitting that he could simply no longer continue living a lie, veteran actor, comedian, and self-professed New York Yankees fanatic Billy Crystal tearfully confessed Thursday that he has never seen or attended a single Yankees game in his life, and indeed has absolutely no idea who or what the Yankees even are. “It just sounded good to talk about watching the Yankees and going to Yankee Stadium, but honestly I had no idea what any of that meant—I still have no clue what it means,” said a visibly emotional Crystal, adding that despite having never once witnessed the Yankees “do whatever it is they do,” he continued wearing Yankees caps in public and telling people that he loved the Yankees. “I heard the name ‘Mickey Mantle’ all the time, and people seemed to like him a lot, so I just started talking about him too. But, honest to God, I couldn’t tell you who he is. I’d like to meet him though, I think. To be perfectly frank, I don’t even know what baseball is. What is that?” Crystal added that he purchased a signed game-worn Mickey Mantle glove for $239,000 at a 1999 auction solely to keep up appearances, and just wound up throwing it in the garbage as soon as he got home.

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