Bored David Blatt Just Drawing Up Plays For Fun During Cavs Game

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ATLANTA—Explaining it was merely something to occupy his attention throughout the evening, Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt revealed to reporters that he was spending the majority of Wednesday night’s Eastern Conference Finals game against the Atlanta Hawks drawing up plays for fun on the sideline. “I figured I have nothing else to do, so I might as well try to think up some weird plays while I’m sitting here,” Blatt said while sketching out an increasingly elaborate offensive sequence involving 12 consecutive pick-and-rolls before the point guard shoots the ball from the baseline. “I know none of these plays will ever get used, so I’m just seeing what I can come up with. I drew this one with five centers all stacked together on the perimeter, and then they rush to the basket at the same time and pass the ball behind their backs until the last guy dunks it—that one was really cool.” At press time, after calling a timeout in the third quarter, Cavs forward LeBron James grabbed Blatt’s clipboard out of his hands, quickly erased it, and began diagramming the team’s next inbounds play.


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