Bucs Stadium Now Allowing Fans To Watch Games From Special Swamp Deck

TAMPA, FL—Calling it an exciting enhancement to the current game-day experience, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced Friday that fans at Raymond James Stadium will be able to watch games from a special new swamp deck. “With perfect sight lines of all the action and plenty of driftwood and lily pads to go around, our new marsh is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the game,” said Buccaneers spokesman Kyle Reiff, noting that tickets for entry into the 400-square-foot pool of tepid, mossy water—positioned just above the south end zone—are just $115. “Plus, with our waitstaff delivering unlimited drinks and snacks, you and up to 25 of your friends will never have to worry about leaving the swamp and missing any of the action. And if you want to catch some rays in the middle of the game, just hop onto a nearby log or upended tree root and lie out in the sun.” Reiff added that the organization also plans on releasing several alligators into the swamp to celebrate after each Bucs touchdown.


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