Illustration for article titled Bulls Executives Sickened By Replays Of Derrick Rose Getting Drafted

CHICAGO—Calling the video “stomach-turning” and “deeply upsetting,” members of the Chicago Bulls front office were visibly sickened Wednesday after seeing replays of Derrick Rose getting drafted. “It’s hard to watch—you never want to see something like that happen,” said Chicago general manager Gar Forman, grimacing in clear discomfort as he viewed various angles of Rose walking onto the 2008 NBA Draft stage, putting on a Chicago Bulls hat, and shaking hands with David Stern. “I’ve seen it a few times now, and it still makes me cringe. I suppose it’s all part of the game, but God, it’s just awful.” Forman later told reporters that he at least takes some solace in knowing that the situation could have been far worse, pointing to the utterly disturbing footage of Michael Beasley being selected as the second overall pick.


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