BYU Fans Rush CBS Broadcasting Studio Following Upset Selection Into NCAA Tournament

NEW YORK—Tearing past crew members and camera equipment as they leapt onto the stage, throngs of ecstatic Brigham Young University fans reportedly stormed the CBS Sports broadcasting studio Sunday night following the Cougars’ triumphant upset selection into this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament. “We did it! We’re in!” said sophomore Brandon Wheeler, knocking over host Greg Gumbel as thousands of fellow BYU fans began excitedly jumping in unison in front of the studio backdrop. “Woo! Rise and shout, the Cougars are out!” At press time, the school’s marching band was leading the raucous crowd in a rousing rendition of “Cougar Fight Song” from atop the studio’s desk as a profusely bleeding Clark Kellogg lay unconscious on the floor.

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