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PHILADELPHIA—Reflecting on his career aspirations after being selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, rookie quarterback Carson Wentz admitted to reporters Tuesday that he is simply hoping to skip to the part where he is a respected veteran backup. “Frankly, I’d love to fast-forward to when I’m viewed as an experienced, reliable game manager who could run the offense if the team’s starter goes down,” said Wentz, adding that, after likely spending the next five to eight years bouncing around at least three different organizations, he is looking forward to being praised by commentators as a consummate professional who provides input to coaches and teammates from the sidelines. “Let’s jump to when I’m 31 and getting paid $2 million a year to mentor a young franchise quarterback or provide some competition to a struggling starter during training camp. You know, someone who nobody expects anything from, but who might start the last six games of a season and lead maybe the Dolphins or Chiefs to a wild-card spot before returning to a backup role the next year. I’m ready to be that guy.” Wentz added that he also wouldn’t mind going straight to the years of his life during which he enjoys moderate success as an assistant coach for a small Division II college football team.


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