CLEVELAND—Generating an excited buzz throughout the first three weeks of training camp, Cleveland Browns coaches and players have been amazed by how comfortable star rookie defensive end Myles Garrett appears walking around shirtless, sources confirmed Monday. “In my eleven seasons here, we’ve never had a guy with this kind of confidence and swagger,” said left tackle Joe Thomas, noting that a stunned hush fell over the team on the first day of training camp as they stared at Garrett in absolute awe when he self-assuredly jogged out onto the field for warmups wearing nothing but mesh shorts. “He’s never given being shirtless a second thought, you can tell he’s just that fucking bold and poised. It’s incredible having somebody around who has no doubt they can pull off that off, and I know it’s starting to rub off on the other guys.” At press time, sources confirmed that the entire team had timidly gathered to witness Garrett make eye contact with a reporter during a post-practice interview.


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