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CLEVELAND—Stressing the importance of showing consideration for every stockholder, Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan admitted Monday that mascot Chief Wahoo is no longer compatible with modern revenue growth expectations. “Although he has been the franchise symbol for decades, we decided it’s best to remove Chief Wahoo out of a deep respect for our bottom line,” said Dolan, who revealed that organizational leaders worked for months to devise a plan that balanced the interests of fans and those who have real concerns over what profit margins are appropriate in this day and age. “Chief Wahoo was from a different era, and society has moved beyond the cash flow projections we used to be okay with in the past. I know many people in Cleveland have a long connection to the Chief, but he is just not a mascot for 21st century earnings.” Dolan added that some Chief Wahoo merchandise would still be available for sale out of reverence for his former profitability with fans.


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