Controversial Puppy Bowl Star Shits During National Anthem

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NEW YORK—Eliciting a loud mix of boos and applause from the stands, Puppy Bowl star Mabel, a 1-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, controversially chose to shit Sunday during the game’s national anthem. “For countless fans, Mabel’s actions will be a source of outrage and disgust, but perhaps just as many will see this as a powerful statement requiring a tremendous amount of courage,” said play-by-play announcer Scott Graham minutes after the star puppy quietly walked in circles while sniffing the ground before stopping to drop her hind legs and shit as the anthem reverberated throughout the stadium. “This was a truly bold move that will draw a lot of criticism. What Mabel did today will certainly have folks talking on Monday.” The incident comes one year after Mabel was fined five chew toys for wearing a neon-colored, non-Animal-Planet-approved collar during Puppy Bowl XII.