Illustration for article titled Cubs Team Doctor Recommends Anthony Rizzo Rehab Injured Ankle By Engaging In Light Physical Activities Like Baseball

CHICAGO—Encouraging the first baseman to tread carefully during his long recovery process, the Cubs team doctor recommended Thursday that Anthony Rizzo rehab his injured ankle by engaging in light physical activities like baseball. “I told him to take it easy and maybe just try something like nine innings of professional baseball,” said team physician Stephen Adams, explaining that it is far too early for Rizzo to take a risk by playing football, basketball, or tennis, but that a few low-impact turns at the plate would be okay. “Running around the bases should be totally fine, and is actually a great way to rebuild strength. The light jogging and standing baseball calls for is ideal for any athlete looking to bounce back following a sprain of this nature. Hopefully, after a 162-game season of baseball, he should be ready to start playing sports again.” At press time, the Pittsburgh Pirates had announced Ben Roethlisberger would be taking over the starting 3rd baseman role while rehabbing his injured elbow.

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