Dallas Cowboys Honored For Helping Reintegrate Criminals Back Into NFL

DALLAS—Praising the organization for their refusal to turn their backs on those with a troubled past, the ACLU honored the Dallas Cowboys Wednesday for their ongoing efforts to reintegrate criminals back into the NFL. “We would like to recognize the Dallas Cowboys for their long history of providing an avenue to ex-convicts who are simply seeking a second chance at life as a professional football player,” said ACLU spokesman Carl Holmes, adding that, for over three decades, the team has helped those facing the stigma and legal constraints of a recent felony conviction find paying work as linebackers, offensive linemen, and wide receivers. “Too often, these men have been abandoned by society and left with nowhere to turn, but Jerry Jones and his organization have shown they are willing to take the lead and be that beacon of hope for them. The Cowboys have never been afraid to help those with a criminal history move on from their past mistakes and get back onto the field, and that is truly something special.” Holmes added that, without a group like the Cowboys, it is likely that many of the convicted felons would tragically end up either back in prison, dead, or on the Oakland Raiders.


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