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PITTSBURGH—Following his unexpected resignation from the Pittsburgh Steelers last week, veteran defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau told reporters Thursday that he still feels he can coach in the NFL for at least another 30 or 40 years. “I feel good, I’m healthy, and I’m still as motivated as ever, so I think I still have another three or four decades of coaching at the highest level in the tank,” said the 77-year-old LeBeau, adding that while retirement has occasionally crossed his mind, he is determined to continue working on the sidelines for several dozen more years. “I could easily see myself going through the 2045 season, and then I’ll probably reevaluate things after that. I won’t go on forever, obviously, but as long as I find the right team and organization, I’d be happy to keep coaching for the next half century or so.” LeBeau went on to say that regardless of which team he joins next, he is still setting his sights on winning at least 25 more Super Bowl rings before ending his coaching career.

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