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MIAMI—Unleashing a furious tirade after finding the roof retracted for the third time this month, Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly admonished his players Monday for leaving the dome open with the stadium’s air conditioning running. “Come on, guys, this is just wasteful. I’ve told you a hundred times, either leave the dome closed or turn off the AC,” said Mattingly, who angrily led the team over to the temperature and dome retraction controls, pointing out that they were right by the locker room and adding that there was “no damn excuse” for acting so irresponsibly. “Every time you do this, it costs the team $150,000—that money is going right out of the dome. We aren’t paying to cool down the entire city, okay guys? And if I catch one more person trying to lower the temperature past 72, I’m taking the next electric bill out of their paycheck.” At press time, Mattingly was asking the team why the entire stadium’s lights were on even though they were only using the weight room.


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