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BRISTOL, CT—Cooly asserting that the best choice for everyone at the NFL draft was to “just go with the flow,” an easy-going Mel Kiper predicted Thursday that “the teams will do whatever they feel is right and we shouldn’t judge them.” “Listen, it’s really just not my place to say anything; the teams will pick who they’re gonna pick,” said the calm, lounging ESPN football analyst, explaining that his prediction for the number-one draft pick to be “whoever” was backed up by his knowledge that “the teams have their own styles” and they should do whatever will make them happy. “At the end of the day, football is really just a game. Sure, it’s entertaining to speculate about the draft, but there’s no point in getting upset or trying to control the outcome. In the end, everyone’s a winner if they have fun.” At press time, Kiper had pushed aside his big board, saying “no right choice” for every team as he cracked open a beer and threw his feet up on the desk.

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