NEW ORLEANSā€”Retrieving a duffel bag full of his stained, fetid clothing from his trunk, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning dropped off all of his dirty game-day uniforms at his parentsā€™ house Monday to be cleaned for the following week. ā€œI usually stop at home once a week with all my dirty clothes from football, and then my mom washes and folds everything for me,ā€ said Manning, adding that his mother makes sure he has enough clean socks to wear until his next visit. ā€œI tried doing it myself my rookie year, but I accidentally bleached my home jersey, so I just have my mom do it since she knows about all the temperature settings on the washer and the right detergents to use and all that stuff. And before I leave, she always packs a bunch of frozen home-cooked meals for my road games. Itā€™s great.ā€ Manning added that if he is lucky, his parents will treat him to dinner at the local Texas Roadhouse before he heads home.