Fan Can’t Believe He Left 11 Seconds Into Ronda Rousey Fight

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RIO DE JANEIRO—Kicking himself for not staying all the way until the end of the fight and subsequently missing its thrilling finish, local mixed martial arts fan Marcos Acosta expressed both disappointment and regret Tuesday for leaving UFC 190’s main event between Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia after 11 seconds. “The first five or six seconds were pretty boring, so I decided to just head out of the arena a bit early so I could beat the traffic,” a visibly disappointed Acosta told reporters, noting that the bout’s unexciting first tenth of a minute had produced little more than some jostling and light jabs, so he simply assumed that the rest of the fight would be just as uneventful. “I had no idea I would end up missing such a crazy knockout right after that. God, I’m such an idiot.” Acosta further lamented that he was not among the lucky spectators who began leaving their seats around the 25th second, yet turned around upon hearing the crowd’s reaction and managed to see the fight’s conclusion.


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