Illustration for article titled Fans Gather At Airport To Greet Carry Crates Containing Puppy Bowl Winners

BALTIMORE—Crowding into the arrivals area sporting “2017 Champs!” T-shirts and waving handmade signs, thousands of fans reportedly gathered at Baltimore-Washington International Airport Monday to greet the plastic crates carrying Team Fluff after their Puppy Bowl XIII victory. “Oh my God, there they are!” screamed local 31-year-old Dawn Mills, rushing to the front of the crowd as security guards toting dog carriers emerged from the jet bridge and escorted the championship puppies past the flood of cheering fans. “Champions of the world! Yes you are! Oh yes you are! Aww, I love you, buddy!” Sources also confirmed that despite the team’s 93-38 loss to Team Fluff, huge crowds still showed up at Sacramento International Airport to welcome back members of Team Ruff, with several of the disappointed puppies stopping to lick the hands of a few lucky fans through the grates of their carriers.


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