Illustration for article titled Fantasy Baseball Commissioner Plumbs Deepest Depths Of Friend Circle To Find 12th Participant

STAFFORD, VA—Broadening his search to include anyone he knows with even a remote interest in sports, local 29-year-old Jeff Ludwin plumbed the furthest depths of his friend circle while attempting to find a 12th participant for his fantasy baseball league, sources confirmed Thursday. “I don’t really know Mike that well—he’s actually someone my old roommate used to hang out with, and I only met him once—but I’m pretty sure he follows baseball,” said Ludwin, blurring the lines between friend, acquaintance, and total stranger as he explored the outermost periphery of his social network in an effort to fill two six-team divisions. “If he doesn’t pan out, there are a couple guys I used to work with the summer after college whose emails might still be in my inbox somewhere. I bet one of them would be into it.” At press time, Ludwin had boldly ventured into the unknown by posting a status on Facebook reading, “Anyone interested in playing some fantasy baseball? Message me for details.”


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