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BOCA RATON, FL—Closely following the negotiations between the players union and owners to be ready for any possible scenario, fantasy baseball league commissioner James Gagne admitted Tuesday that he knows his handling of the coronavirus pandemic will forever define his legacy. “This is the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced, and I know history will judge me for my response,” said Gagne, explaining that he had already collected league dues and “worked [his] ass off” to schedule an online draft before shelter-in-place orders began. “The guys are really counting on me to keep things fair no matter how crazy the schedule may be. At times, I’ve thought about just shutting it down for the season, but I don’t want anyone thinking I shrank from the moment. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on so many fantasy leagues, and how I stand up right now will be how I’m remembered forever as a commissioner. The future of this league is in my hands.” At press time, Gagne sent an email to league members vowing not to let a potential work stoppage “destroy what [he] built” after losing his fantasy hockey league during the 2013 NHL lockout. 


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