BRISTOL, CT—Expressing his intense aggravation Wednesday at having limited footage to air throughout the network’s programming, visibly frustrated ESPN senior producer Mark Hutcheson reportedly demanded a new camera angle of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancée in a casino elevator this past February. “Just get a different shot of the whole thing from beginning to end, and this time I want a better view of the punch that knocked her unconscious without any dropped frames,” said a furious Hutcheson, stressing that any new clip of the domestic violence “better have some goddamn audio, too.” “C’mon, there had to be another security camera in that lobby or some cell phone footage of what happened, so just find it already. And hurry the fuck up, because we don’t have much time until the next SportsCenter.” Hutcheson added that until ESPN staffers “get their shit together,” the network would have no choice but to continue replaying the same two video clips of the incident every 10 to 15 minutes.