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BOSTON—Emphasizing that despite recent setbacks, he had another level of trauma to reach in his career, Gordon Hayward told reporters Thursday that he’s confident he still has his most gruesome injuries ahead of him. “I shattered my leg and broke my hand, but there’s still so many more gut-wrenching tears and fractures I can bring to the Celtics,” said Hayward, explaining that he was going to push even harder in the future to destroy the plates and screws strengthening his surgically repaired leg. “I’m still young and I have my best ACL tears ahead of me. Some people might think I peaked in 2017, but I’ve got so much more potential. The game has changed—you have guys like Kevin [Durant] rupturing his Achilles well into his 30s. I could have 10 more years of missed seasons ahead of me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to close things out with one of grisliest career-ending injuries of all time.” At press time, Hayward expressed his goal to get carted out of this year’s All Star game.


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