Guy At Gym Has Precious Little Diary To Keep Track Of All His Exercises

NEW BERLIN, WI—Making sure to date the page before recording all the juiciest and most private details from his daily exercise routine, local gym-goer Phillip Keller reportedly took out his precious little diary Thursday in order to keep track of his workout. “I like to jot down everything I do so I can track my progress,” said the 27-year-old, who reportedly carries his adorable leather-bound journal with him wherever he goes inside Belmont Fitness Center, using the blank page as a sanctuary in which to freely pour his heart out over the number of sets and reps he performs during each exercise. “It’s a great way to stay motivated, and it also helps me vary up my training so I’m not just doing the same stuff every week.” After finishing his workout and showering, Keller reportedly sat in the locker room and excitedly ventured into his diary once more, taking a quiet moment to express his innermost hopes and dreams about reaching new fitness goals by the end of the month.


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