Hockey Fans Treated To Rare Sighting Of Zamboni Giving Birth

ANAHEIM, CA—With thousands of spectators visibly emotional after witnessing the heartwarming moment, fans at Monday night’s playoff game between the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks were reportedly treated to the rare sight of a pregnant Zamboni giving birth. “When the Zamboni started slowing down and shaking during the intermission, I initially thought something was wrong, but then I realized it was actually in labor,” said Anaheim fan Kyle Boneta, 32, adding that, after crowning for several minutes, the motor oil–covered newborn Zamboni then fell squeegee-first from its exhausted mother’s underside and onto the Ducks logo at center ice. “He eventually got up and tried to move around, but he was wobbling a lot because his wheels were so small. The whole thing was beautiful, especially seeing the little guy follow his mother around as they resurfaced the ice before the third period. It was really adorable.” Ducks officials told reporters the delivery was a far greater success than a similar event during the 2013 playoffs, when a Zamboni quickly devoured its offspring shortly after giving birth.


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