Illustration for article titled Jay-Z Pledges To Make Sure Colin Kaepernick Gets Contract At NFL Stadium Shop

NEW YORK—Promising to do everything in his power to help the former starting quarterback, hip-hop superstar and business mogul Jay-Z pledged Monday to make sure Colin Kaepernick gets a contract with an NFL stadium shop. “Kaepernick has stayed in great shape, and I am confident that he could achieve a great deal of success with an NFL stadium shop,” said Jay-Z, adding that Kaepernick was still in his prime and had the versatility and physical skills to lead a team of retail workers. “This is a guy who can do it all. He can quickly unload deliveries, stock shelves, or run the cash register. I’m certain Colin can sling merchandise like an All-Pro. He could definitely come in and immediately help an NFL team’s retail sales.” Jay-Z later expressed gratitude to be in a position that allowed him to ensure Kaepernick received the justice he so clearly deserved.

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