NEW YORK—Citing the 26-year-old’s relentless attitude and utter refusal to ever give in, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan told reporters Thursday that the team has been amazed by newly acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin’s willingness to fight inside the huddle. “He’s only been with us for a few days, but Percy hasn’t been afraid to get in there and fight tooth and nail before every snap,” said Ryan, adding that his coaching staff has been “blown away” by the former Seahawks star’s intensity and aggression whenever coming up against his teammates on offense. “No matter what the circumstance, you can always count on Percy to be incredibly physical and really get in the faces of the quarterback and offensive linemen after a play has been called. The guy just won’t quit—he’s an absolute monster out there.” Ryan went on to express his pity for the Jets players who will face Harvin this Sunday, stressing that the receiver will be ruthless on every single down until taking himself out of the game midway through the fourth quarter.