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AUGUSTA, GA—Expressing their unease at the veteran sportscaster’s behavior as they prepared for the second round of the Masters, multiple golfers told reporters Friday that Jim Nantz has been sitting in the corner of the Augusta National clubhouse locker room and watching them change. “I was in the clubhouse this morning getting dressed, and Jim was just sitting there, not saying a word, with his eyes fixed on me the whole time,” said golfer Jason Day, adding that when he attempted to greet Nantz, the 56-year-old broadcaster nodded his head slightly before slowly gazing up and down Day’s body and softly muttering “Mmm.” “He’s over by Rory McIlroy’s locker, and after Rory came back from the shower, he scooted over a little on the bench, but then just watched Rory dry himself off and put his clothes on. He hasn’t moved from that spot for hours. I don’t know about the other guys, but I’m not changing in the clubhouse as long as he’s still there.” At press time, several golfers were looking on in disgust as Nantz removed a sweaty polo shirt from Rickie Fowler’s locker, held it up to his nostrils, and inhaled deeply.


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