Illustration for article titled Job-Hunting Jay Gruden Frantically Scrubs Social Media Of Anything Associated With Redskins

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Worried that the humiliating posts would destroy his future employment opportunities, a frantic, job-hunting Jay Gruden scrubbed his social media this week of anything associated with the Redskins. “If anyone sees these photos of me in a Redskins hat, my career is over,” said the former head coach, scrolling through posts and untagging any shots of himself with Redskins owner Dan Synder. “It’s going to suck having a five-year gap in my resume, but I’m pretty sure I can keep it vague and just say I coached with a professional sports team. Maybe I should lean on my time as GM for the Florida Tuskers? What’s rough is that the first thing that pops up on Google after searching my name is ‘Redskins,’ so eventually, I am going to have to figure out some way to explain that.” At press time, Gruden was trying to explain to a prospective employer who inquired about the Redskins that 2014 was just a different time.


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