Joe Buck Tears Rotator Cuff After Awkward Throw Down To Sideline

DALLAS—Grimacing and clutching at his shoulder, Fox NFL announcer Joe Buck tore his rotator cuff after an awkward throw down to the sideline during the second quarter of the Buccaneers vs. Cowboys game. “You hate to see an announcer go down like that. Especially on such a routine throw down to Erin to check the field conditions. He’s made that throw a thousand times,” said commentator Troy Aikman, adding that Buck went down hard after stumbling over the first few words of the sentence and was still on the ground writhing in pain after the update was over. “You could see something was wrong the second the words left his mouth, it just didn’t look right. He twisted awkwardly as he said ‘on the sideline’ and then this shock of pain crossed his face. This isn’t as bad as when I saw Al Michaels tear his ACL on a touchdown call, but there is no way Joe is going to be announcing for at least a month.” At press time, Aikman was being treated for a concussion after attempting to analyze the play call on a third-down conversion.


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