Illustration for article titled Kawhi Leonard Misses Second Consecutive Family Game Night Citing Load Management

RANCHO SANTA FE, CA—Saying that his personal health had to remain top priority no matter the demands of the job, Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard missed his second consecutive family game night Friday due to load management. “Playing game after game of Uno takes a physical and mental toll, so I need to rest up and not put my future on the line,” said Leonard, revealing that he still had lingering injuries from back-to-back games of Spot It last week. “I know some people expect me to play even if I’m not ready, but I could do long-term damage if I go too hard in some marathon game of Apples To Apples. I have to look out for my well-being, and that means 48 hours between puzzles. My family has a ‘Next man up’ mentality, and I have complete confidence that they’ll step up and take home a win while I’m out.” At press time, Leonard expressed concern that if the current pace of family gatherings continued, he would have to miss the entire holiday season.

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