Kid Buys Tiger Woods Golf Shoes Thinking It Will Make Him Chip And Putt Better

ORLANDO, FL—James McGrath, 10, had his mother purchase the Nike SP-8 TW golf shoe at Dicks Sporting Goods Tuesday in the hopes that wearing the same shoes as Tiger Woods will allow McGrath to chip and putt just like the world's top-ranked golfer.  "These are going to make all the difference," said the beaming McGrath, who has practiced his short game approximately 50,000 fewer hours than Woods, said of the shoes. "When I get my mom to buy me the hats, the shirts, the balls, and that putter he uses, I'll be sinking every single putt I hit." According to geneticist Dr. Harold Freeman, McGrath's recent purchase will aid little in his efforts to play golf as well as the 12-time major champion, as both of McGrath's parents are English professors and have never made one sports team on either the professional or amateur level.

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