LIVONIA, MI—Eliciting a chorus of mumbles and reluctant encouragement from the crowd, sources reported Thursday that a local little league team spent 18 minutes getting the ball back to their pitcher during a playoff game. Witnesses claim the ordeal began after a pop fly foul ball when 9-year-old outfielder Tyler Mitchell’s throw back to the infield failed to even reach the cut-off man, and whose second throw back after a slow jog up to the ball was then inexplicably picked off by the third baseman. The panicked third baseman then reportedly overthrew the pitcher, prompting calls of “Behind you!” from the crowd as the ball rolled past the distracted first basemen who had wandered to tackle the right fielder. At press time, sources had confirmed that after finally receiving the ball, the pitcher simply walked off the mound to talk to his coach in the dugout.


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