ALBANY, NY—Having barely lost in the championship game against his former college roommate, local 28-year-old Tim Beaumont, a man who spent roughly 300 hours playing fantasy football this year, was reportedly rewarded for his efforts Tuesday with a $30 second-place payout. “I’m a little disappointed I couldn’t go all the way, but at least I ended up winning 30 bucks,” said Beaumont, who reportedly spent an average of 90 minutes each day comparing players’ stats, monitoring the waiver wire, and emailing his friends about potential trades. “That injury to Le’Veon Bell against the Bengals really killed me. But you know what, I made back my money from the league buy-in, and I have some bragging rights over the other guys. It was a good season.” At press time, sources confirmed that after spending over $900 while watching NFL games at a local bar every Sunday, Beaumont plans to use his runner-up prize to purchase a used Xbox 360 controller.


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