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BRISTOL, CT—Offering a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into his decision-making process, ESPN fantasy football expert Matthew Berry admitted Tuesday that he just drafts fantasy players whose names he recognizes. “When putting together my perfect fantasy lineup, it can be hard to keep track of so many players I don’t know, so I usually just go with the people whose names sound kind of familiar because that means they are probably pretty good,” said Berry, adding that if he recognizes someone’s name that means they are most likely a Pro Bowler or really popular, because he wouldn’t really know which players are bad. “I’m a big Redskins fan, so I’ll often just draft players I like from that team. Sometimes, looking for people I know does backfire. Last year, I wanted to draft Peyton Manning because people said that name a lot when talking about football, but then on draft day I found out he was retired.” Berry added that if fantasy football players didn’t recognize most of the names, there was usually a points projection on each website that was pretty helpful.


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