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MIAMI—Referring to the sport as a loss leader that “never really captured public interest,” Marlins officials confirmed Wednesday they were exploring the idea of shutting down the organization’s unprofitable baseball wing. “Unfortunately, we may have to cut our losses and shift our focus to more profitable sectors with real growth potential like concessions and apparel,” said CEO Derek Jeter, who clarified that the Marlins would still explore hosting more lucrative sporting events like the Super Bowl or the World Cup. “Marlins Park is a great venue with tons of potential to host big-name concerts and other events that will vastly outperform our lagging baseball division. You can only sink so much money into a project before you have to be honest with yourself and admit it is never going to work out. By doubling down on what the Marlins actually do well, whether it be hosting weddings or converting the locker rooms into a laser tag arena, we can ensure a future for our organization.” At press time, the Marlins announced plans to move forward with phase one of pivoting away from baseball after waves of positive feedback from fans.


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