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CLEVELAND—Following a 37-3 loss that saw his team outperformed in nearly every phase of the game, Cleveland head coach Mike Pettine admitted his growing concern Wednesday that the Cincinnati Bengals may have given the rest of the league the blueprint for beating the Browns. “You know, Cincinnati completely shut down our offense and ran all over our defense, and now I’m worried that other teams are going to be able to study exactly how they did it,” Pettine told reporters, adding that he fears Sunday’s loss may have exposed some of the key weaknesses of his 2-10 team. “The Bengals totally figured us out. Any team that wants to know how to establish a passing rhythm against us or get to our quarterback will be able to figure it out just by watching the game tape from last week. It’s definitely a big problem moving forward.” Pettine went on to express some confidence that even if the Browns’ upcoming opponents attempt to recreate the Bengals’ game plan, most teams will hopefully lack the personnel to slow down their 32nd-ranked run game.

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