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NOTRE DAME, IN—Welling up with emotion upon finally setting foot on the hallowed tile surface, college senior Anthony Harper fulfilled his lifelong dream Saturday after finally being allowed to shower with the Notre Dame football team. “A lot of people told me I would never make it into these showers, but I knew that if I worked hard and never quit, I have what it takes to strip down and lather up with Notre Dame football,” said Harper, who received an ovation from the team after coach Brian Kelly tossed him some conditioner and told him to “get on in there.” “Every week for the last three years, I would sit on the bench in this locker room and watch the team shower, wishing I could be in there with them. I always thought I was too small to soap up with Notre Dame, but it just goes to show that with enough grit and determination, anyone can achieve their lifelong dream to bathe with a college football team.” Harper added that finally getting to shower with Notre Dame was made even more special by having his entire family there to witness it.

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