NEW YORK—Pointing out that there was little physical resemblance between himself and the rest of his family, the 10-year-old son of New York Mets mascot Mr. Met told reporters Tuesday that he was beginning to think he was adopted. “I’ve always felt a little bit different from the rest of my family, but lately I’ve really started to wonder if I’m actually my parents’ biological child at all,” said Kyle Met, who noted that, in addition to being the only member of his family with blonde hair, he does not share his parents’ bulbous eyes, leathery white skin, and perfectly spherical head. “My brother is a dead ringer for my dad—they both have the same thick, jet-black eyebrows—but I’m sort of a mystery. I asked to see my baby pictures once, and my mom said they’d been lost in a flood. I’d still love them because they’re the ones who raised me, but it would be really nice to know if they’re my real parents.” Met added that his parents have repeatedly assured him he simply inherited the recessive genes of his maternal grandfather.


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