WASHINGTON—Stressing the urgent need for an increase in such clips both on television and the internet, Americans across the nation fiercely and unanimously demanded to see more golf highlights where the ball lands on the green, but then rolls all the way back down a big hill, sources confirmed Tuesday. “I love it when the ball lands on the edge of a hill pretty close to the hole, stops for just a second, and then starts rolling backwards faster and faster until it’s all the way in the rough,” said 33-year-old Trevor Burkin of Frederick, MD, who, like millions of other Americans, called for more frequent SportsCenter highlights in which the ball rolls so far that it eventually falls into a sand trap or water hazard. “I also want the announcer to say something like ‘Uh-oh, wait a minute’ right when the ball starts rolling away from the hole, and then the camera should show the golfer leaning his head back with his eyes closed out of frustration. That’s what I want. I want more of that.” Many Americans added that in the meantime, they would settle for more highlights of long putts where the ball hangs right on the edge of the hole, but doesn’t go in.