Illustration for article titled Nationals Admit World Series Win Would Be Way Sweeter If Franchise Was Still In Montréal

WASHINGTON—Describing the French Canadian municipality as a “world-class city,” Nationals players admitted Thursday that their World Series win would be way sweeter if the franchise stilled played in Montréal. “We’ve never really considered D.C. our home, and we all grew up bleeding Expos blue,” said World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg, speaking in French while lovingly referencing Montréal’s architecture, cosmopolitan culture, and its “incredible cuisine.” “The first thing we did when we got back to the locker room was sing Québec’s anthem. Man, could you imagine driving our parade floats down Catherine Street? It’s great to finally get a ring, but it’ll be a little bittersweet to celebrate with a bunch of D.C. bureaucrats who are just looking for something to do.” At press time, Strasburg admitted to taking some solace in winning a World Series without Bryce Harper.


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