NEW YORK—Saying that he is thrown for a loop every time he sees the player this season, local 29-year-old NBA fan Jon Westmoreland admitted to reporters Tuesday that he still hasn’t become accustomed to the sight of veteran center Zaza Pachulia in a Golden State Warriors uniform. “It just doesn’t look right, seeing Zaza in that blue-and-gold jersey with the Warriors logo on his chest,” said Westmoreland, adding that after years of watching the Georgian big man play for the Magic, Bucks, Hawks, and Mavericks, it’s strange to see Pachulia wearing anything other than an electric-blue, green, red-and-black, or royal-blue uniform. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it. I wish he had just stayed in Orlando, Atlanta, Milwaukee, or Dallas.” Westmoreland added that he believes Pachulia “sold out” when the center decided to join forces with Warriors stars Kevon Looney, Ian Clark, and Patrick McCaw.


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