Illustration for article titled New ESPN Peyton Manning Segment Breaks Down Current Crop Of Quarterback Commercials

BRISTOL, CT—Utilizing his expertise as one of the ad game’s all-time great pitchmen, ESPN debuted a new Monday Night Football segment this week featuring Peyton Manning breaking down the current crop of quarterback commercials. “Baker’s delivery is still a little stiff, but he has all the raw tools to deliver championship-level auto insurance for the people of Cleveland,” said Manning of the second-year Browns quarterback, claiming that if Mayfield worked on his follow-through with an acting coach he was well on his way to surpassing Cam Newton’s Under Armour spots. “You can tell Eli is basically done in New York, he looks terrible in this Visa commercial, just no feel or awareness of his surroundings. If we replay the tape here, you can see Saqoun [Barkley] rolling his eyes as he realizes that he’s wasting his prime starring in ads with Eli.” Manning ended the segment by analyzing footage of an Aaron Rodgers commercial, referring to him as a “diminished star” who desperately needs better frame blocking.


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